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Silicon Values Part II: Building a Philanthropic Team

Silicon Valley Not Taking Philanthropic Advice

You Need a Team

Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist John Doerr, perhaps the most influential of his generation, when pressed for advice on launching a startup once said, “...think hardest about the team.” Spend any time in the Valley and you will find that this idea has been ingrained in every company, creating a necessity to find the best advisors to tackle business startups. When these business leaders strike out to tackle even more complex social issues with their philanthropy, I wondered: does the ethos translate?   

To be clear, not all business entrepreneurs seek out the best advisors or incubators. Some innovations are the product of brilliant individuals, and yet, even in those “lone genius” achievements there’s a need to...

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SOCAP: The Migration Destination for Impact Investors

On the day I arrived in San Francisco for SOCAP, a commercial fishing report said there were sturgeon jumping out of the water in the area.

SOCAP, a.k.a. the conference for social capital entrepreneurs, is where impact investing professionals of all stripes collect annually in the City by the Bay. Similar to the marine life just off the coast these folks will jump right in and, on occasion, right out of the water altogether.

Prior to my arrival, I was...

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Silicon Values Part I: Sourcing Problems

This is How Silicon Valley Sources Philanthropy Problems

The rise of Geneva Global’s star in the philanthropy space, chronicled by a spate of coverage in the academic and business press, has resulted in a surge in interest by the “philanthropreneurs” of Northern California’s San Francisco Bay Area.


As Director of Customer Experience (CX), I’ve been making regular visits to The City, Palo Alto, and environs, leading to curious, and I believe telling, observations on the future of philanthropy. In this three part series, Silicon Values, I will explore the converging currents of wealth creation, entrepreneurialism, and corporate social responsibility.


A pink-eye arrival into SFO enabled me to observe the late night prowlings and early morning rise of...

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I'm Leaving Silicon Valley to Work for a Very Silicon Valley Firm

I’m elated to announce that mid-June I will join the Geneva Global team HQ on Philadelphia’s Main Line to help grow the customer-centered service approach as well as deepen existing and forge new relationships.

Here's an infographic on the trajectory of my career, how it hits Geneva Global, and a bit about this one-of-a-kind company:

I’ll continue to connect with the amazing network of leaders I’ve met in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as in Seattle, Boston, New York, and Washington D.C.I’m very interested in connecting with individuals, families, foundations, and corporations who want to see their philanthropic investments applied and leveraged in the smartest way possible.

Want to know more about Geneva Global’s innovative approach? Contact me to arrange for a chat and a free copy of Doing Good Great, by CEO Doug Balfour.

Please note, given this new beginning and a focus on my growing family, I will be incredibly selective with personal consulting engagements.