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Events are only worth doing if everyone involved, those who execute, the attendees, and those who depend on the ROI, are utterly delighted.
— Ryan Derfler

Why Is It So Important?

Many organizations turn to events to generate new and educate existing customers. However, many burn up staff time and company resources so that at the conclusion they cannot be justified by the return-on-investment (ROI). This is why many events fail to be replicated year after year, and even those that are often leave substantial returns on the table.


How I Execute


I look at your existing event calendar and provide feedback on missed opportunities.



I develop event "back-ends" to help launch a new event series or systematize an existing event you want to repeat. My approach takes complicated events and turns them into guides that teams without formal event training can use.



Following an event assessment and template creation, I also execute select events as the event producer managing all logistics in coordination with your internal team and outside vendors. 

Sample Projects

Accredited Venture Capital Investor Event

Code for the Kingdom Hackathon Series

Cityteam: Olympic Club Tournament

Cityteam: Heritage Home Gala

Mural Arts Program: The Love Train

Penske Logistics: Global Leadership Conference

Penske: Dinner at The Ryman

Penske: NASCAR Hospitality 

Penske: Facility Grand Opening

Penske: Trade Show Program

Bridge of Hope: Sleep On the Street