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Services Overview


I look at your organization the same way millennials do, from the outside in. Think of it as highly intentional secret shopping through the lens of your future customers with a trained eye for practical improvements to your key touchpoints. 

Focus Groups

I give you access to influential millennials from within Silicon Valley. These individuals are recognized for the work they are doing to shape the trends and technologies of the future. The wealth of information they provide during one-on-one interviews is unparalleled and invaluable.


Based on the assessment, I train your staff in areas such as customer experience, storytellingevents, and earned income revenue generation.  This can be done with your leadership one-on-one or in a group workshop.


Sometimes you need help to execute on the strategic opportunities that come out of an assessment. I roll up my sleeves to execute

  • customer experience improvements
  • creation of story content
  • storytelling culture development
  • events (strategy, manuals, event production) 
  • earned income revenue enterprise business plans


After an assessment and training, sometimes extra guidance is needed to get you to the mountaintop. In select cases, I make myself available for ongoing coaching.

Assessment and training engagements last an average of three months.

Execution and coaching engagements are customized based on your needs.