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I Bridge the Gap

I'm a rare millennial who has significant experience collaborating with and training generations above me. As the youngest President of a non-profit I cut my teeth on the nuances of working with a diverse Board of Directors. At Penske, I was the youngest employee in the C-suite and gained the respect of the top performers in the company. I have managed staffs predominantly one and two generations my senior, with regular accolades at my ability to bridge generations. 

I'm An Artist

Creating memorable experiences and connecting with millennials is seldom purely a formula. Selecting the subject, medium, tools, and execution are part artistry, and I've been identified as a talented artist by trade organizations such as EXHIBITOR (event production), the news media (Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer), and many business leaders. 

I'm A Millennial

Interestingly, many of the folks providing guidance to organizations on how to connect with millennials don't employ too many millennials, especially in key decision making roles. I've had the advantage of having decision making ability on issues affecting 6 and 7 figure budgets for six years, even as a millennial.

I Have Vast Experiences

I know of no other person who has had as many business experiences as I have. From an early age, I worked even while in school, taking wide ranging jobs from the trades (construction, concrete), retail (clothing, shoes, groceries), professional (B2B sales, inventory), service (food and beverage), and talent (model, actor, manager). This inventory of perspectives often proves valuable in relating to and advancing client growth trajectory.

I'm Demand Driven

I didn't set out to launch a consulting business, I simply kept getting requests to advise organizations as I rubbed elbows with them. And, as we began to work together, clear growth started to happen. I don't have a patented 7-Step Process or fancy marketing initiatives to uphold. All of my business comes from referrals and each engagement is truly custom. I take all the time, attention and care required to ensure clients are satisfied. 

I've Worked With the Best

I prepared deliverables for business and racing icon Roger Penske's meticulous inspection. I kept pace with internationally renowned social justice pioneer Jane Golden. I've been in the trenches of poverty and addiction with long-time leader Pat Robertson. And along the way I've worked with teams from the best consultancies (Bain, GE Black Belt), smartest minds (Wharton, Google), biggest brands (Bank of America, Comcast), and best acts (TODAY Show, NFL Films, NASCAR) on the planet.

I'm Down to Earth

Even though I grew up with a computer in front of me, I don't wield my natural ability to solve technological challenges over clients. I help explain leading edge trends and technologies to the layman in a way they can understand. Even more, I'm able to help clients execute fairly sophisticated deliverables on bootstrap budgets by cutting out the fluff that often accompanies millennial marketing strategies. I'm proud that I'm often described as a straight shooter who tells the truth no matter the cost. 

I'm a Hacker

Not that kind of hacker. I'm talking about the hacker mentality that Silicon Valley is known for...the ability to think through problems and often "bootstrap" a solution using readily available tools. There are fancy (aka expensive) solutions and then there are people who are able to achieve 80% or more of the same results with a fraction of the resources. I'm the latter. 

I'm An Outsider

Last but not least, I come with a fresh perspective. The reality is that an organization's internal team becomes so immersed in the work that, however talented, they often lose the ability to have an 'outside in' perspective, aka the customers view. As an objective observer I benefit from being removed from the internal dynamics that can cloud good thinking.